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Almaz / Алмаз

After World War II, the Chistopol Watch Factory focused heavily on wristwatch production. This lead to a proliferation of discrete brands in the 1950s, all powered by Chistopol movements. These brands included Almaz, Chaika, Druzhba, Kama, Kolos, Mir, Pobeda, Raduga, Rubin, Saturn, Sputnik, Uran, Volna, Vostok, and Yantar.

The Almaz brand (Алмаз, meaning "diamond") featured a striking crab-case design and the highly-accurate caliber 2809B. This caliber was based on the chronometer-grade Vostok 2809, but did not meet such strict timekeeping specifications and did not have a precision balance regulator.

The Almaz brand was retired 1964, when the vast majority of Chistopol Watch Factory brands were consolidated under a single trademark: Vostok. Similarly-designed watches continued to be produced in the 1960s, but only under the Vostok name.


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