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Rubin / Рубин

After World War II, the Chistopol Watch Factory focused heavily on wristwatch production. This lead to a proliferation of discrete brands in the 1950s, all powered by Chistopol movements. These brands included Almaz, Chaika, Druzhba, Kama, Kolos, Mir, Pobeda, Raduga, Rubin, Saturn, Sputnik, Uran, Volna, Vostok, and Yantar. 

The Rubin brand (Рубин, meaning "ruby") was produced in the 1950s and early 1960s. Rubin watches were powered by a 17-jewel caliber 2604 movement. These were among the only commercial Soviet watches to feature a day (but no date) complication. The day wheel turns once every 12 hours, so each day is written on the day wheel twice. Other unique features of Rubin watches include red-painted hands and a 24-hour scale printed on the interior of the dial. 

The Rubin brand was discontinued in 1964, when the vast majority of brands from the Chistopol Watch Factory were consolidated under a single trademark: Vostok.

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