Jacques & Co. / Жакь и Ко

Throughout Imperial-era Russia, the watchmaking industry consisted only of several small workshops and enterprises, usually assembling watches using parts made abroad. Due to a lack of technology and equipment, it was more affordable and efficient to import unfinished Swiss and German ebauchés, then compete the assembly in local Russian workshops. This assembly was undertaken by specialized independent watchmakers appointed by the Imperial Court, such as Pavel Buhre, George Favre-Jacot, and of course, Heinrich Moser. 

Almost nothing is known about the "Jaques & Co" enterprise. Most likely, it was a small artisanal Swiss workshop with low production volume and a willingness to export to Russia at low cost.


In 1918, a year after the Bolshevik Revolution, the entire Soviet industrial infrastructure was nationalized. All independent watchmaking workshops were confiscated by the State, and the original owners were eventually forced to withdraw from the market. By 1922, the entire watchmaking industry had become part of the State Trust of Precision Mechanics, also known as Gostrest Tochmeh.


Jacques & Co. / Жакь и Ко
Jacques & Co. / Жакь и Ко

Caliber: Key wind, set (23 jewels) Year: ca. 1890 Notes: Imperial Russian watch; sterling silver case

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