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Vesna / Весна

In April, 1935, the Third State Watch Factory was formed in Penza, a city 625 kilometres southeast of Moscow. This factory was reconstructed from the remnants of the Frunze Bicycle Plant using newly-acquired tooling from LIP. LIP engineers and technicians were also responsible for supervising the installation of all equipment and for training Russian engineers. (See also: ZIF)


The factory was renamed Penza Watch Factory in the year 1940. This factory focused primarily on small-sized ladies movements, and throughout the 1950s a number of different brands were produced, including Aurora, Junost, Kometa, Lux, Lyra, Mechta, Sura, Vesna, and Zvezda

The Vesna brand (Весна, meaning "spring") was a successful and prolific brand until the early-1960s. Vesnas also represented some of the first and only men's watches to be produced at Penza Watch Factory. The brand was retired around 1964, when all watches produced at Penza Watch Factory were consolidated under a single trademark: Zaria

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