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Neva / Нева

In 1954, by decree of the government, the First State Precision Jewel Factory (ТТК-1) was formally renamed “Petrodvorets Watch Factory” with the intention of producing high-quality pocket and wristwatches for men. This lead to a proliferation of discrete brands in the second half of the 1950s, all powered by Petrodvorets movements. These brands included Baltika, Leningrad, Mayak, Neva, Russia, Start, and Svet.

The Neva brand (Нева, named after the river which flows through St. Petersburg) was short-lived and/or relatively unpopular, judging by the available models which have survived until today. All Neva watches relied on a shock-resistant caliber 2603 with 16 jewels. These movements were a step above the comparable Pobeda movements at the time, which lack any form of shock-resistance. 

The Neva brand was retired around 1962, when the vast majority of Petrodvorets Watch Factory brands were consolidated under a single trademark: Raketa.

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