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Rekord / Рекорд

In 1954, by decree of the government, the First State Precision Jewel Factory (ТТК-1) was formally renamed “Petrodvorets Watch Factory” with the intention of producing high-quality pocket and wristwatches for men. This lead to a proliferation of discrete brands in the second half of the 1950s, all powered by Petrodvorets movements. These brands included Baltika, Leningrad, Mayak, Neva, Rekord, Russia, Start, and Svet. In 1962, the vast majority of these brands were consolidated under a single trademark: Raketa.

The Rekord brand (Рекорд, meaning "record") was likely introduced around 1960, but was very short-lived marque with only one design. Some say production only lasted a few months. The Rekord was special due to the caliber 2209 which powered it — at just 2.7mm, it was the thinnest three-hand movement ever produced in the Soviet Union. This early caliber inspired a great number of subsequent Raketas designed and developed around the same ultra-thin movement.

The Rekord brand was retired shortly after its inception, but the caliber 2209 would live on for more than a decade thereafter in similar Raketa watches. 

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