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Yonger Bresson (France)

In 1975, Yonger & Bresson was founded by the Louzon brothers in the Marais district of Paris. The brand name was chosen emphasize the modern aspects of the company (Yonger, derived from "younger") and to stress the precision of their timepieces (Bresson pays tribute to Henri Cartier Bresson, known for precision photography). A crown logo was added to contribute a feeling of luxury. 

The Louzon brother focused their efforts on assembly, design, and marketing, while the watch components themselves were sourced elsewhere – namely, the USSR. The Soviets exported Vostok and Molnija watches which had been rebranded "Yonger Bresson" for sale in France and surrounding regions.


The Yonger & Bresson advertising strategy was effective, and rapid success of the brand pushed the Louzon brothers to sell the business to a Swiss group in the 1980s. The following years were marked by a flood of cheap quartz calibers, but in 1990, another French company, Ambre, acquired the company. In 2005, mechanicam movements were again installed Yonger & Bresson watches, and by 2011, in-house calibers entered production.

Today, the brand offers over two dozen mid- to high-end models, including quartz and mechanical movements. 

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