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Exacta (Sweden)

Otto Jansson founded AB Rätt Tid (AB Right Time) in Malmö, Sweden in the 1930s. The company was a wholesale distributer of watches, clocks, tooling, and parts. Business grew rapidly, and by 1948, AB Right Time employed some 350 people. The Exacta brand was one of the many brands marketed by AB Right Time, and watches manufactured under this label were made from imported parts, including movements from ETA, FHF, and the Soviet Union.

The Soviet connection to AB Right Time and the Exacta brand began in the 1960s, when Soviet watches were imported to Malmö, Sweden for domestic sale. Watches bearing the Exacta name were usually identical to Soviet domestic production aside from the name on the dial. Another unique feature is the "Imp" text at the base of many Exacta dials. This may have been a way to avoid stating the USSR by name while still adhering to legal requirements for goods imported to Sweden. 

Exacta watches were produced by Chaika, Luch, Molnija, Poljot, Raketa, Slava, Vostok, and Zaria. Exacta-branded watches and clocks were occasionally featured in the Urnyheterna catalog, which was published from 1943–1972. Issues of this magazine are still widely available today.

Soviet watches with the Exacta name stopped being produced sometime in the 1970s, but Exacta-branded watches powered by non-Soviet calibers continued to be produced for many years thereafter.

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