Meister-Anker (Germany)

The Meister-Anker brand name was first registered for Quelle — a German mail-order company — on January 8, 1968. Quelle sold watches that were manufactured by third-party companies, such as Bernhard Förster, GUB, and UMF.


In the 1980s, Quelle sold limited Poljot models under the Meister-Anker brand name. These watches were powered by the caliber 2616.2H (23 jewels) or the caliber 2616.1H (30 jewels). Aside from the brand printed on the dial, these watches were identical to domestic Soviet watch production.


The Meister-Anker brand belonged to the respective legal successors of Quelle until the mail-order company went bankrupt in 2009.

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Caliber: 2616.2H (23 jewels) Year: 1980s Notes: Export watch, First Moscow Watch Factory

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