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Rodina / Родина

After World War II, the First State Watch Factory focused heavily on wristwatch production. This lead to a proliferation of discrete brands in the 1950s, all powered by First Moscow Watch Factory movements. These brands included Antarktida, Kirovskie, Kosmos, Mayak, Moskva, Orbita, Pobeda, Poljus, Rodina, Signal, Sportivnie, Sputnik, Stolichnie, Strela, Sturmanskie, and Vympel. 

The Rodina brand (Родина, meaning "homeland") was launched in 1956 and was powered by the first Soviet automatic movement ever manufactured: the 22-jewel caliber 2415A. While a huge advancement for the Soviet watch industry, the design of this movement was not very elegant. Essentially, it was an automatic Kirovskie; that is, an auto-wind mechanism bolted on top of a 17-jewel hand-wound movement. Indeed, the styling was even the same as the Kirovskie, including the funky crab case and bold dial designs. Just six years later, a much thinner, completely redesigned automatic caliber would be introduced (see: Orbita).

The Rodina brand was retired in 1964, when all individual First Moscow Watch Factory brands were consolidated under a single trademark: Poljot. Watches in the same style continued to be produced well into the 1960s, but only under the Poljot name. 

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