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Elektronika / Электроника

Elektronika (Электроника) is the brand name used for many different electronic products built by factories belonging to the Soviet Ministry of Electronic Industry. These included computer systems, calculators, electronic watches, tape recorders, video recorders, portable games, and radios. Some products were exported under various names, including Sekonda and Elorg, and some devices were direct copies of foreign technology.

The watch brand Elektronika was the Soviet response to the advent of quartz technology in the West. The first Elektronika quartz watches appeared in the early 1970s and were based on technology from Western brands such as Pulsar. Early models had very few functions, but as the technology developed, more advanced functions were developed (e.g. chronograph and calendar complications). At least four factories were responsible for the production of Elektronika watches, including Pulsar (Moscow), Angstrem (Zelenograd), Integral (Minsk), and Soyuz (Novosibirsk). The primary factory, Integral Joint Stock Company, continues to make a variety of consumer electronics today.

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